Mom in Cancerland

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me and my Boy

Hurst farm

Friday, January 18, 2008

January 17th 2008

Well, I survived the Holidays. How do we get through it? Every year I think I'll never get it all done and somehow it works out. I have found that I need to scale back a bit because of my energy levels. I think I put out about half of all the decorations we have. Honestly, the kids didn't notice so it really does make sense to cut back where you can to save energy for the important stuff.
Been feeling an odd ache in my back so of course the mind games begin. Aleve seems to take care of it so it can't be that bad right?
We are going to Disney in 2 weeks so I'm starting to focus on that and hope no one gets sick or no major snow storms hit.
I'm torn as to whether I should use the "cancer card" to get access to the areas on the rides where you can sit instead of stand in line. I'm also considering renting a scooter just to save energy. DH feels that "wouldn't be right". I feel that way sometimes and then think "Hey! I have Cancer. Hello! Who else deserves to ride around on a freakin scooter more than me!"
In the end, I'll probably walk like everyone else. I have this fear that if I make too many concessions for my cancer, it will give it life.
New PET/CT scans are due at the end of Feb. so ,of course, nothing can change until after our Disney trip. I don't care if I'm coughing up blood and dragging myself on the floor. I'm getting on that plane to see the Mouse!